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Tying the Knot

The idea of creating a brand for a wedding was exciting and challenging — I wanted to be able to create enough pieces to create not only a consistent theme around botanicals, but a coherent style that was specific and recognizable throughout the mailer, website, and any other material. I incorportated various botanical watercolour graphics in different ways with each piece in an effort to avoid repetition and keep the theme feeling fresh and new with each piece of work. Included in this mock up is a logo design for the couple, a save the date card and envelope, accommodation information, RSVP information, and a menu. However this design could reach to other elements such as table cards and thank you notes.

The website acts as a landing spot for easy access to any information for a guest if they don't have their wedding mailer readily available. The website also has an online RSVP option for those who choose to opt out of a physical invitation for whatever reason. Additionally, there is a link to the wedding registry, information about the where and when of the wedding, the day's itinerary, and information about the couple available as well.