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COS Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook

The COS Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook is a personal revisiting and exploration of previous student work. I've taken this on as a chance to properly execute my idea as intended without creative restrictions. What was initially a functioning eBook has developed into a concept for a 10x10 printed hardcopy lookbook for the Swedish brand COS’s Spring Summer 2017 men’s and women’s collection. I drew inspiration from fashion editorial design and created several moodboards of minimal and photo heavy print material.

I wanted to uphold the brand and design standards of COS and tried to stay consistent with their use of fonts and colour. My main focus was to keep the design photo dominant, showcasing only the model and clothing but including text and alternate images when current catalogue products were referenced. I opted with a visual table of contents to adhere to my decision for minimal copy. With over fifty images to showcase, the final mockup will be close to a hundred pages long and is an ongoing personal project constantly being reworked.